Samriddha Nepal is a non-profit social organization duly registered with the District Administration Office Mahottari on 25th January 2016. The organization was established based on the consciousness of young individuals who have acquired knowledge and expertise through their active engagement in diverse social organizations and developmental endeavors and possess innovative economic perspectives.


Sustainable peace, participatory development and building a prosperous society.


Advocacy for social justice, gender and social inclusion, conservation of natural resources and diversification of sources of livelihood to contribute to the economic prosperity of the vulnerable community.


Conduct social campaigns for the reduction of existing social discrimination, bad practices, witchcraft, veiling, untouchability, and child marriage in the society by informing about civil rights at the local level.

Reducing the risk of climate change and natural disasters by diversifying the source of livelihood of the community, helping in economic growth, and contributing to the building of a prosperous society, increasing transparency and public participation.

  1. In order to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change and natural disasters, conduct various initiatives for disaster preparedness and capacity building at the community level.
  2. Identify the underlying causes of poverty in society and improve the quality of livelihood through economic development measures such as skill development, income generation, small enterprises, commercial agriculture promotion and animal husbandry. These collective efforts aim to make significant contributions towards societal improvement.
  3. Conducting various activities in addition to raising public awareness to promote alternative energy sources use along with environmental protection.
  4. To implement public awareness programs aimed at promoting awareness programs for the promotion of rural drinking water, health, sanitation, and hygiene and to carry out construction works as required.
  5. Conduct various activities for empowerment, capacity building and leadership development to increase access to the critical levels of the Economically vulnerable HHs, Dalits, Janajati, Madhesi, Muslim, Single Women, Children, Helpless, People with Different Ability, non – binary (sexual minorities) and socially backward groups.
  6. Operate nursing homes for the protection, development and welfare of the elderly and children. Ensuring the protection of street children is crucial for their safety and well-being.
  7. Through various initiatives and campaigns, the organization aims to combat drug abuse, addressing the spread of HIV-AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, empowering youth, raising public awareness on combating human trafficking and ensuring safe foreign employment, as well as rehabilitating individuals and communities affected by human trafficking.
  8. To conduct campaigns against the existing social discrimination, bad practices, witchcraft, veiling, untouchability, child marriage and other ill cultures in the society.
  9. Providing support in the field of formal/non-formal education, adolescent education, distance education and contributing to practical and quality education. Conduct public awareness programs related to pregnancy test, vaccination, nutrition, and infant feeding to reduce maternal and child mortality.
  10. Increase the participation of Dalits, Janajati, women and marginalized communities in natural resource management and increase their access to natural resources and its management.
  11. Conducting youth empowerment and public awareness campaign for governance promotion.
  12. To establish and maintain the historical archaeological objects, monasteries, temples, shrines, etc. in various places of the country, and to attract domestic and foreign tourists, and to assist in the development of the tourism business.
  13. Conducting various studies and research and publishing their results as per requirement.

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